Workplace/Corporate Giving


Community Health Charities is proud to participate in employee giving campaigns nationwide linking America's generous employees with the opportunity to give to America's leading health charities. Community Health Charities partners with some of the most socially conscious employers in the nation to support health causes. Support through workplace giving is unique because it benefits employees, employers and charitable partners. By starting a workplace giving campaign, you will make an impact on people's lives.

United Way also participates in employee giving.  Their campaign runs from Labor Day through November 30.  Employees have the option to designate a percentage of their paycheck to the charity of their choice.

Why Give At Work?
Many Americans choose to give through workplace giving programs by directing a portion of their paycheck to the charities of their choice, making it the most effective and efficient form of fund raising with advantages for employees and the corporations that conduct a workplace campaign.

Giving hope through research to children with cancer and blood disorders.