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Ready to make a difference? Want to help? Limited on time?

Join Team MACC Fund and fundraise at any time, from anywhere: your couch, a hammock, your office, your dorm room, the library…anywhere (as long as you have a computer and an internet connection handy).

The concept is simple. Create and personalize your free MACC Fund-raising page. Email your page to friends, family, and colleagues, who can donate securely by credit card online, or can send a donation by mail to the MACC Fund. Keep track of your fundraising goals, post your page on Facebook, and help us spread awareness about the critical need for research.

Be Creative. Make a difference. Have an impact.

Team MACC Fund is a "just for the cause" fundraiser. You can mobilize your contacts to make a difference without the need for a special event or occasion.

But you can. Have a special event or occasion, that is. You can use Team MACC Fund-raiser pages to commemorate special occasions, support a special event you are organizing or hosting, to support your participation in a run, bike race, or other athletic event.

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Giving hope through research to children with cancer and blood disorders.