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The 2013 Shorewood Games Have Begun! (...or the Pre-Games have)

2013 Shorewood GamesThe Shorewood Games originated in 1988 as a fundraiser for the MACC FUND when SHS had a senior boy fighting childhood cancer. SHS continues to hold the games approximately every 4 years. And it has grown tremendously in that time.

The four classes compete in Olympic type sports as well as fundraising opportunities and the class that raises the most points will win Gold Medal t-shirts in the spring. The first Games raised over $10,000 - we were thrilled. It has grown over the decades to include all the schools in the district as well as the community at large. The last Games raised over $34,000!

Each time we run the Games it grows bigger and better. Although the Games do not officially begin until March 8, SHS students have already begun fundraising on behalf of the MACC Fund. In Ms. Bromley's (Shorewood Games Advisor) words, "It is an unbelievable experience and working with these kids is an absolute honor!"

Two new events connected with the Shorewood Games this year, that are already in progress are the Chili Cookoff after the Homecoming Parade, and the "You've Been Torched" event. (See below for more info about the Torch.)

The Games will officially begin on March 8 with an opening assembly/ceremony. For two weeks we will turn the school upside down with activities and events. Some include the Spaghetti dinner, the Ms. Shorewood Pageant, Buzz Cuts for Cancer, Dollar Campaign, Penny Wars, Music for MACC, and new this year, the Jailhouse Rock. During lunch the classes compete in volleyball, basketball, swimming and soccer. There is also a pie in the face during one lunch.

At the closing ceremonies on March 22nd we unveil the winner - the class presidents go up on stage with jackets on and one by one they get eliminated.

Parents - be proud of your kids, as no doubt each and every one of them will be involved in some way this fall and/or this spring! And be proud of the school they attend, where students make this happen!

Shorewood Games Torch
As part of the Shorewood Games, and an additional fundraiser for the MACC Fund - SHS students have will be "torching" families in the neighborhood. (It is a take off of being "flocked" where they put a bunch of pink flamingoes on the lawn). Our kids thought a torch would be cool following the Olympic theme and the Shorewood Games.

Matt Joynt was the first person to get torched - when the torch was placed on the front lawn of SHS. Once someone has been torched they are requested to pay $25 per day (with a check to the MACC Fund) to keep the torch on their lawn (it will usually be there 1-2 days). The "torchee" may decide where it should go next! (Rumor is that Matt Joynt chose School Board President, Rob Reinhoffer's House.)

You can follow the Torch and where it goes at Facebook.com/FollowTheTorch. The students hope to keep passing the torch as long as we can and the weather holds. Here's hoping the torch makes it many lawns and that this is a grand fundraiser for the MACC Fund!

To make a donation to help these kids help kids, please visit ShorewoodGames/Donations

For more information:

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