Stories of Hope


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CHRISTOPHER - Christopher's Dream
Seven-year old Christopher Schraufnagel was a ball of energy and light when he was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. Read more about how his legacy lives on.

BRANDON - Winning the Game of Life
On December 13, 2002, we first heard those awful words: Brandon has cancer. I can still hear the crackle of the white paper as Brandon sat up on the cold looking, blue, exam table. I can still see his sweet, innocent face when the nurse practitioner asked Brandon if he knew why he was there.

NOAH - Putting the Freeze on Cancer
Ever since Noah was a little kid, he excelled at everything. He loved playing piano, soccer, and was very artistic. By age six, he had won a scholarship for piano. He played soccer on the weekends and never missed school. But in September 2007, Noah was diagnosed with leukemia.

EMILIE - Smiles through Life
Born June 19, 2003 in Austin, Texas, Emilie has always had a happy, smiley disposition. She is very energetic and curious-full of life. So it was obvious that something wasn't quite right around Easter 2008.

HOLLYN - Kicking Cancer
Hollyn was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor when she was five years old. She underwent major surgery to remove her kidney with the tumor inside. Today, Hollyn has kicked cancer and helps her tae kwon do school run an annual fundraiser for the MACC Fund.

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