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Our Wall of Heroes

Hope + Perseverance = Hero

Our Heroes Have Always Been Kids.

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Our Wall of Heroes 

This wall represents just a fraction of kids who have battled or are battling cancer. Some here have won their battles. Some of our kids are still fighting. And very, very heart-breakingly, some of our kids on the Wall have lost their battles. :( More than you think...

The Wall changes and grows.

If you have a childhood cancer or blood disorder hero *or* you are a childhood cancer hero or a hero with a blood disorder, please send us your pictures (before, during or right after-->pictures of you or your hero as a kid) along with the type of cancer battled and the hero's name, to Lora -->

We update the wall about every two weeks.

While we don't want to see it grow because that means kids are battling cancer. We DO want to recognize and have our web visitors meet our heroes.

Thank you for taking a second or two to give recognition to the thousands of kids battling cancer, the thousands who have won, and thousands who we've lost.

with gratitude and hope,

~The MACC Fund Staff

Giving hope through research to children with cancer and blood disorders.